Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing up

So there are good things and bad things about Jack growing up. I know he is only 2 but isn't doing much of anything "baby" or hardly what you would originally think as "toddler" he is more of a "little kid" now. Some of the things that I have noticed the most the past couple weeks are is acting like a "2 year old" and his defiance in sleep patterns that he has been SO great with the since he was 10 weeks old! He has somehow learned how to be a bully the past couple weeks. Not sure if there is a kid that fights with him at the new babysitters or if it is all of the KungFoo Panda he watched there for a while (it has since disappeared) Either way my sweet little monkey has become a bully 2 year old. We are working on it.
The other thing that has been happening WAY too much lately is my angel that would sleep 13 hours a night and still take a 2 hour nap everyday with NO fighting, has become defiant! At first it was just at night, he would get up 2-5 times before he went to sleep. At first I tried talking to him but he just wasn't getting it. Oh another skill that has aided him in this is that he has learned to open doors. I love that he can get around the house alone and out of his room in the morning and everything but when it is while he is supposed to be sleeping I am not a huge fan. So some nights I try and lay by him to get him to go to sleep (after he has gotten up a couple times) but the other night we had had enough. He was SO tired and grouchy so when we put him to bed the second time we told him if he got up again we would spank his bum and it would hurt. That seemed to work I didn't see him again until morning. Well the next night the warning didn't work, we actually had to follow through and spank him the third time. But that worked, didn't see him until morning. Well last night I was exhausted and tried to go to bed early so Chad put him to bed. I couldn't deal with the spanking yelling and crying so I went in and layed by him until he fell asleep. Then at 1 am my pregnant bladder woke me up and low and behold there was a cute little 2 year old sitting on the floor by our bed. Not all the way sure what to do about this kid. I have a hard time sleeping and staying asleep I'm hoping he doesn't have similar issues. either way we are trying something today..... no nap.... Yeah not my most favorite day so far (I NEED nap time too!) but hopefully he will be better about sleeping tonight. Wish us luck!!


Jessica Munk said...

I put a child proof door knob on the inside of max's door...and explained why. I took it off after a few nights of not coming to the door, but then it started to open the door. And i told him i'd put "the handle" back on, that worked for a couple days. But then i put the knob back on and it has been there for weeks. I always hear him in the morning or whenever he needs to pee. We haven't had any accidents so far and he stays in his bed. I hope you can find something that works! Max's naps and getting shorter too :(

Marsie Pants said...

Oh I feel your pain. Losing Abby's nap time was the most depressing thing in the world for me. However, I instituted "quiet time" where she watches a movie for an hour or so and leaves me alone. Still pretty great.