Friday, January 30, 2009

Little things that make me smile

So there are no pictures for this but I was laying in bed this morning thinking of the little things that Jack does that I think are cute. There are lots of them but a couple really stuck out to me today. I love that my kid is obsessed with socks..... not wearing them but carrying them around with him everywhere. There are only a few different types that I can actually keep on his feet but the first time one comes off I may as well either give up trying to keep them on for the day or put shoes on him (which he is also trying to get off constantly) I think he must have gotten that from me to at least some degree.... I HATE wearing shoes.... if my feet are unhappy all of me is unhappy.
Another thing I think is funny is his love of pillows. whenever he sees a pillow he has to lay his head on it. It is pretty cute. This love began when he was sick back in December I had him in bed with me (the one and only time) and he layed on a pillow, he wouldn't sleep in his crib after that. I thought I had ruined everything with that one night in my bed, but I put a pillow in with him and he went right to sleep. Now I know it isn't the safest thing and that all the literature says that they should only have one small blanket in their bed, but he loves it and he sleeps 12 hours now so I'm leaving it there. So if any of you are witching him and want him to nap... a pillow is the trick.
The other thing I was thinking about the past couple days is the dance. My kid LOVES to dance, he didn't get it from me, I'm very uncoordinated so I don't dance. But ever since he was a couple moths old he would bounce every time he heard music. It is so great now that he is standing it is getting to be more of a real dance.... I keep saying I need to get it on video before it goes away, I charged my camera yesterday so hopefully I will remember to do it today.
Anyway there are my random thoughts of some of the little things that make me smile.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Box

I have always known that little kids love boxes I just never realized how young that interest developed. I was at work the other day but Chad said that Jack played in and with the box for over an hour. He tried to get a picture of him in the box but everytime he got the camera out he would crawl out (he wanted the camera, he is his father's child in his love for electronics) But here is what he was able to capture.

Friday, January 16, 2009


We were having breakfast this morning, Jack has a hard time picking up little pieces or bananas because they are so slippery so I just cut off a couple inch piece and he gums it off. That is all fine I'm all about him doing it himself. Then I was feeding him oatmeal, because seriously a 10 month old trying to eat oatmeal by himself that would be a mess. So we were eating and he had eaten probably 3/4 of it and he started banging on the tray. That usually means he wants more, so i go in for the next bite and he flaps his arms and the spoon goes flying, and lands right on his head. I couldn't get mad it is classic... baby with oatmeal on his head I just looked at Chad and asked him to get the camera.

After that I figured he already had banana in his ear and oatmeal on his head, why not give him a biter biscuit it will keep him happy while we clean up. So basically after his breakfast experience he got a bath. Man he is a cute kid!