Saturday, October 17, 2009

PUMBP-PUMP (jackese for pumpkin)

I wanted to get the house clean and decorated for Halloween before I was layed up for a bit. I didn't want to do anything scary since there are so many little kids in our neighborhood, so I decided that I wanted a bunch of pumpkins to put around our porch. Our house is surrounded by fields and the ones that weren't corn are pumpkins. One in particular, a couple blocks down the street, is set up for kids to come and pick thier own pumpkins so off we went. I'm sure Chad and I had as much fun or more than Jack did and I have to admit that I probably went "a little" overboard, but I really like the final product.

I sent Chad on a quest to find the BIGGEST pumpkin he could find. He found the best ones in the far back corner (obviously noone else wanted to hike out that far) this is what he came back with.

I wanted all different sizes, shapes and colors, Chad was an awesome picker. There were so many varieties to choose from.
Jack finally got comfortable walking through all the vines and over the mounds of dirt that made up the rows and he was off on a quest of his own


This is the final product, Even thought I got a ton of pumpkins I still think I need a few more, a couple for the other side of the stairs and another big one to help hold up the straw. We'll have to see what else we can find.
I tried to get Jack to say "cheese" and he just kept covering his mouth

So we went for the classic "how big is Jack" at least his hands aren't over his face.

Little Green Fuzzies

I'm so excited, I have been a little nervous about our backyard and the weather we have been having the past couple weeks. The packaging on the grass seed said that we should start seeing something after 10-14 days. It has been about 16 days and I was starting to get worried, but I came home from work the other day and Chad ran me out to the backyard to see the surprise....