Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outside fun!

Loving the weather! We have been spending alot more time outside. Where we live in my parents' basement, we have a walkout basement with no steps or anything, so we will leave the door open and Jack will just come in and out and loves to find rocks and sticks and anything else that he can see.
It has gotten to be pretty warm so we decided to get a little pool that we can put in the yard and Jack can play in. The first day we didn't get him out there till after dinner. I was just going to put his feet in to see what he would think.... needless to say he LOVED it and I didn't get him out for about 30 minutes. Also, in the evenings we have been going and hanging out in the front yard (where there isn't big dog poop) so that we can play on the grass. Sally (our puppy)(name from Cars) loves to run around and play in the flower beds (my dad hates it, think she will ruin his flowers) and we are trying to get Jack to be less afraid of the grass.

The other day Chad was mowing the lawn and Jack freaks out, seruious melt down freak out, whenever there is loud noises. This includes the blow dryer, vaccume and lawn mower, I'm sure I will find more things as time goes by. He did ok the other day when I held him while I vacumed so I asked Chad to let Jack help to see if he would do better. It helped, mostly. but it made for a cute picture.


I had never understood when moms complain that they have watched a particular kids movie over and over again. I thought "hey you are the adult and probably started it for them so don't complain, put something else in" Well that has come to bite me in the rear-endCheck Spelling. Over the past 2 weeks I think I have seen the movie Cars at least 15 times. (ok maybe not all the way through each time but is on for a little while at least once a day) When it is on your can't distract him with anything. His eyes are glued to to tv, yesterday Chad even tried to wave his hand in front of his face and he didn't even flinch. I called his name over and over and he didn't respond, I turned the tv off and it was like he came back from another world. It does have it's pluses though, when he is having one of those days that everything is going wrong, turn Cars on and he is a happy boy. I have taken a couple pictures of him watching but it just doesn't do it justice. I'm sure all of you moms know what I'm talking about though.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

one year pictures

Jana took some pictures for us a couple months ago. She had a baby a few days later then me being a procrastinator I just got them on my computer. I think he is a pretty cute kid! (sorry there's lots)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our soon to be new home!

So I know most people who read this know.... but we are closing on our first home in the next couple weeks. I have been wanting to get some good pictures and actually had the opportunity to take some last Saturday when we did our inspection, but of course I only took 2 pictures. So I downloaded some off the listing, they aren't the best pictures but you can sort of get the idea of what we are getting ourselves into.
the outside. it has the front yard in but we will have to finish the back, also a third car garage...Chad is so excitedThere is a formal living room when you first walk in
then down the hall to the kitchen... it comes with all of the appliances... Saves a bunch of money
The pantry is HUGE! but there isn't any cold storage so it helps

There is a place for the table then it opens into a family room. Off the right down that hall there is a half bath, a small office or storage room then a door out to the garage.

At the top of the stairs there is another family room/loft/play area

This is a picture of the master bedroom, without anything in there you can't really tell size or anything. It is a big enough room that we wont feel cramped with our king size bed but not ridiculously huge either.... the bathroom and closet on the other hand....

So this is a picture of the bathroom I don't know how to explain except to say that on the rough house sketch it is the same size as one of the other bedrooms.
this is the master closet I wish there was something in there to show the real proportions... it is at least 2 times the size of jack's current "room" if that means anything to you.

Jack in his new room. I''m so excited for him to be able to play in his room and have a closet to put all of his clothes and stuff away... All of the bedrooms have walk in closets, but again no basement so it is good for storage.

Jack was totally fascinated by the home inspector, so when he went down in the crawl space he wanted to make sure he was ok.

So other than what you saw there is a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. the laundry is upstairs as well as a few more decent sized closets to put everything away. I think that is one of the things I'm most excited about.... CLOSETS and actually having a "home" for everything so I don't feel so cramped. We will be moving as soon as next week but maybe not until the holiday weekend, anyone that wants to come play is more than welcome.
Oh and we're getting a new puppy.... still to be named.