Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Follow the leader

So not only did Jack learn to crawl in about a week, but he is now EVERYWHERE!!! He likes to follow us where ever we go so last night Chad got on the ground and started crawling around too. We were upstairs at my parent's house and it is a big loop so they tried to go around the whole thing. Jack also thinks that he should be standing whenever possible so he made frequent stops to stand up and see what he could see from that elevation.

He liked looking at his reflection in the oven door.

And he has learned about cupbords too.... not my favorite.

But they eventually made it all the way around.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy

Maren's Birthday was just the other day and for a few days before her Birthday we tried to figure out what we were going to do to make it a special day for her. Unfortunately I had to work so we went out the night before with Maren's Mom and Dad for dinner at Tepanyaki! Maren was content to celebrate on another day and she figured that she was going to be home alone with Jack on her birthday. Or so she thought!!

After Jack woke up from his afternoon nap he and I woke Maren up and gave here her first presant! Really it was a card that had a clue in it to go up stairs and find her mom for her first task. needless to say I didn't have to work and from there the adventure was on.

I was not the only one excited about what was going on, I had enlisted the help of everyone and Jack and Grandma were just as excited.

After she got upstairs here first task was to search through a package of Oreo's, to find the Oreo's that had hidden clues in them that spelled out where she was supposed to go.

She was supposed to go to the Office to see Joey for her next task and clue, but

Maren decided she need to have a little snack first!

At the office Joey had a stack of a 150 pages of profits and losses by job description, man this is a long list and how many pages do I have to look through were just a few of the disgusted phrases we heard during the search. My favorite was man this is not fun at all! Maybe this task wasn't, but I think we all had a good time in the end.

Like I said it took a little while until Maren found the page she was looking for, but when she did she got her next clue and it was off to Merfs House.

At Merf's house she was in charge of the task that Maren had to do! Merf apparently had a buch of onions she needed to have chopped up so she could dehydrate them. For the rest of us it was rather entertaining.

Maren did not agree!

But luckily she was a good sport about it and got her next clue. From Merf's house our next clue led us to Sta's house where Maren had to find her favorite kids book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

But before she could get her next clue to go to Jana's house she had to read the book to all of the kids.

At Jana's house Maren had to decide if she was going to eat a bowl of oatmeal, a bowl of red hots or a can of sardines in tomato sauce.
Luckily she decided to eat the red hots because the sardines were just mean and she hates oatmeal! Her next clue was to go to Lisa's house.

At Lisa's house Maren had to chip a golf ball into the targets before she got her next clue. Luckily she was a good shot because it was cold outside. From there she got her next clue to go to my Mom's house.

For her last task Maren had to beat McClain in a fun game of Wii bowling before she got her presants and we had enchiladas, and dessert.
It was hard to tell who had more fun opening Marens gifts. She got a new laptop and has been playing on it since she got it! She absolutely loves it.

After all the presents we had yummy cupcakes, it is like a personal cake for everyone! It was very yummy and big suprise for Maren! We hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us! We love you lots, and hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our First: Blog Post and Road Trip

So we finally decided to stop tinkering with our blog and actually use it! So we figured to put our first big trip on as our first post. We decided that we needed to go to St. George and Kannab to see all of the Great-Grandmas that Jack had never met, plus we had a family reunion going on in St. George so we figured we should pack up all our stuff and head down. For his first major road trip Jack did really well! He used to hate the car, but now he thinks it is great.

When we got down to St. George, Jack decided that the king size bed in our hotel room was going to be his. I know what you are all saying and yes he is only seven months old, but he is in charge!

So family reuninion has been the same for years and years. This year it was a little strange, but hey whose family is not strange? The main reason we went down was to see all of the Great-Grandmas Jack had never met before. So before we left St. George we stopped by to see Great-Grandma Padovich.

After that we hoped in the car and drove the back roads to Kannab to see Great-Grandma Cloward. We also got to saty at Marens Aunt and Uncle's little hotel called Aikens Lodge down by Zions. For being in the middle of no where it really was nice and Jack had a great time playing on the bed!

On the way home we had to deicide if we were going to take the long way home or the short way. We decided to take the scenic way and drive trough Gunnision where we got to see Great-Grandma J and Grandma Jane.

It is not like they have never seen Jack before, but we figured this was a Grandma trip we might as well go see all the Grandmas. After we left gunnison we decided that we should make the Grandma trip complete and go see Chad's mom who has decided to be called Grammy to avoid confusion.

After that we went and saw Great-Grandma Yaple, she was so excited to see Jack. She has not been feeling well and we have not been over to see her a lot lately even though she lives so much closer than all the other Great-Grnadmas.

All in all it was a great trip, and all the Grandma's enjoyed seeing Jack, but he was glad to be home and wanted to just hang out and snuggle on his own couch!