Saturday, October 17, 2009

PUMBP-PUMP (jackese for pumpkin)

I wanted to get the house clean and decorated for Halloween before I was layed up for a bit. I didn't want to do anything scary since there are so many little kids in our neighborhood, so I decided that I wanted a bunch of pumpkins to put around our porch. Our house is surrounded by fields and the ones that weren't corn are pumpkins. One in particular, a couple blocks down the street, is set up for kids to come and pick thier own pumpkins so off we went. I'm sure Chad and I had as much fun or more than Jack did and I have to admit that I probably went "a little" overboard, but I really like the final product.

I sent Chad on a quest to find the BIGGEST pumpkin he could find. He found the best ones in the far back corner (obviously noone else wanted to hike out that far) this is what he came back with.

I wanted all different sizes, shapes and colors, Chad was an awesome picker. There were so many varieties to choose from.
Jack finally got comfortable walking through all the vines and over the mounds of dirt that made up the rows and he was off on a quest of his own


This is the final product, Even thought I got a ton of pumpkins I still think I need a few more, a couple for the other side of the stairs and another big one to help hold up the straw. We'll have to see what else we can find.
I tried to get Jack to say "cheese" and he just kept covering his mouth

So we went for the classic "how big is Jack" at least his hands aren't over his face.

Little Green Fuzzies

I'm so excited, I have been a little nervous about our backyard and the weather we have been having the past couple weeks. The packaging on the grass seed said that we should start seeing something after 10-14 days. It has been about 16 days and I was starting to get worried, but I came home from work the other day and Chad ran me out to the backyard to see the surprise....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Believe it or not these pictures were taken on the same day and yes they both really are my cute husband.
So Chad went on this great fishing trip with most of the boys in my family a couple weeks ago up in Alaska. For those of you that don't know him he is excessively annal about getting his hair cut every few weeks. I have wanted to see what it looks like a little longer so that the curl comes out better, but it makes him crazy so I have yet to win that one. But I did get him to grow his hair out for nearly 3 weeks longer than he would have liked and he didn't shave for over 2 weeks before his trip. This is what he looked like when he came home.

(I kindof like it!)
And this is later that evening

Sunday, August 30, 2009

YARD!!! well sprinklers

A few of my brothers and a couple of our friends came over and helped us get the rest of our trenches dug and pipe layed in our back yard...... THANKS!!! It took much longer than I expected and we weren't near,ly as ready as I thought we were but everyone was great to come and help anyway.
Jack Just liked playing the the pipes, dirt and cousins.
Corry is pretty mannly don't you think? even Tyler came out and played in the dirt for a few minutes. As always Dad was the leader... but we had no idea what we were doing so we let him lead.
The kids brought over the wiggle cars and kept themselves busy on those and...
Riding the 4-wheeler around the empty lot behind us!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gooodbye hair!

It has been too long since Jack got a haircut, it was starting to get scary amounts of long. So we decided that since it was summer we would just get rid of it all. We took him out in the back yard and buzzed of all of those long locks!
The before picture

(apparently I had to work hard to get it all off!)

After he was covered in hair, so we took him to the front yard and hosed him off... He LOVED it!

(I tried to post a video too so you could hear him laughing at it all, but couldn't get it to work)

The after picture.

Moving day!

So I know it has been over a months but I would like to thank my AWESOME sisters for helping us move! I wasn't very good at taking pictures but here are a few of all of the strong girls.

Jana brought some "forearm forklifts" you may have seen them on infomercials but doubted their true effectiveness. I am here to tell you they are a movers best friend. This entertainment center is SO heavy. Chad and Tyler had a rediculously hard time getting it into the new house (we forgot the straps at the old place) but Jana and Lori were able to get it out to the trailer without any problem. Good job girls!

So the Chad only had friday to move so all of the boys were working. So all the girls brought their kids to grandma and grandpa's house, Missy and Fuzzy watched them and the girls all moved. Thanks!

a few pictures up... finally!

So we finally got around to hanging a few pictures in our house. There is still ALOT to go, but here is a peek at some of the things we have done. Sorry about the mess!
Oh and a cute picture of Jack!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outside fun!

Loving the weather! We have been spending alot more time outside. Where we live in my parents' basement, we have a walkout basement with no steps or anything, so we will leave the door open and Jack will just come in and out and loves to find rocks and sticks and anything else that he can see.
It has gotten to be pretty warm so we decided to get a little pool that we can put in the yard and Jack can play in. The first day we didn't get him out there till after dinner. I was just going to put his feet in to see what he would think.... needless to say he LOVED it and I didn't get him out for about 30 minutes. Also, in the evenings we have been going and hanging out in the front yard (where there isn't big dog poop) so that we can play on the grass. Sally (our puppy)(name from Cars) loves to run around and play in the flower beds (my dad hates it, think she will ruin his flowers) and we are trying to get Jack to be less afraid of the grass.

The other day Chad was mowing the lawn and Jack freaks out, seruious melt down freak out, whenever there is loud noises. This includes the blow dryer, vaccume and lawn mower, I'm sure I will find more things as time goes by. He did ok the other day when I held him while I vacumed so I asked Chad to let Jack help to see if he would do better. It helped, mostly. but it made for a cute picture.


I had never understood when moms complain that they have watched a particular kids movie over and over again. I thought "hey you are the adult and probably started it for them so don't complain, put something else in" Well that has come to bite me in the rear-endCheck Spelling. Over the past 2 weeks I think I have seen the movie Cars at least 15 times. (ok maybe not all the way through each time but is on for a little while at least once a day) When it is on your can't distract him with anything. His eyes are glued to to tv, yesterday Chad even tried to wave his hand in front of his face and he didn't even flinch. I called his name over and over and he didn't respond, I turned the tv off and it was like he came back from another world. It does have it's pluses though, when he is having one of those days that everything is going wrong, turn Cars on and he is a happy boy. I have taken a couple pictures of him watching but it just doesn't do it justice. I'm sure all of you moms know what I'm talking about though.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

one year pictures

Jana took some pictures for us a couple months ago. She had a baby a few days later then me being a procrastinator I just got them on my computer. I think he is a pretty cute kid! (sorry there's lots)